Posted by: mutantpoodle | October 23, 2012

The last sit-down

I don’t have  a lot to say about last night’s debate. People who weren’t pundits scored it for Obama, which I think is right. A few thoughts:

  • Mitt Romney is running out the clock when it’s not clear he’s ahead. One of the hoary maxims of sport is that you when you play not to lose, you do. Romney was clearly playing it safe, but just as he seems unaware that being born on third base doesn’t mean that you hit a triple, hitting a triple with two outs doesn’t guarantee that you score.
  • Obama has had just about enough of Mitt Romney, shape shifter. He was clearly prepared to point out that Romney’s position changes are now occurring faster than the lunar cycle.
  • He was also prepared to smack down the neocon idiocy Romney was spouting to energize the GOP base.
  • “Horses and Bayonets” is a tumbler. And Fox News is up in arms.
  • That remark, with all it’s juicy dismissiveness, made me pull out the West Wing clip above, which is the liberal fantasy of how a Presidential debate should go.
  • The difference between the candidates last night was the difference between mastery and prep.
  • Mitt Romney got awful sweaty toward the end.
  • I want Marta Raddatz to moderate every debate from now on.

From now on, the President and the Governor need never see each other again, unless, heaven forbid, Romney wins on November 6th, in which case they’ll have a few get-togethers to tour the White House, and then, of course, at the inauguration. So do Obama a solid: re-elect him, and keep Mitt Romney out of his life forever.

I still think, no matter what Andrew Sullivan’s daily mood tells him, that Obama is a modest (but not prohibitive) favorite in two weeks. Because Mitt Romney has to win Ohio (don’t listen to people who talk about other paths for him – they’re just not there), and between the auto bailout, an energized union population from last year’s Senate Bill 5 repeal, and an Obama campaign that’s been camped out there far longer, and in greater numbers, than Romney, I think that’s an awfully steep hill for Romney to climb.

Furthermore, for all the monetary advantages that Romney and his SuperPac allies have, it’s at least partially offset by a much more cost-effective Obama ad buying strategy. (I won’t go into the irony of the businessman’s campaign being vastly less efficient that the government employees’.)

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be a nerve-wracking two weeks.


  1. My takeaway was that women should moderate all future debates.

  2. I’d be OK with that. But I actually think Raddatz’s greatest (non-gender) strength was that she wasn’t a DC insider but an honest to God journalist looking for answers and willing to pin people down. So – how about female foreign correspondents?

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