Posted by: mutantpoodle | November 6, 2012

Liveblogging the election

8:43PM Romney campaign isn’t accepting that Ohio is Obama’s. Because unskewing, or math, or something. They’re wrong, and it’s not going to matter.

8:14PM NBC calls Ohio for Obama. 44 is re-elected.

8:10: NBC calls Iowa for Obama. If Colorado holds, we’re just talking margin of victory.

8:06PM Sully says Denver Post calls Colorado for Obama. Add Iowa (not called, but it will be Obama), and it’s over, even without Ohio.

7:59PM: So far, not a single close Senate seat has gone to the GOP. Ouch.

7:44PM: Chuck Todd is essentially saying that there are lots more Obama votes to come in in Florida, Ohio, & Virginia. Could it be I was pessimistic on my map?

7:38PM: Probably not good sign for GOP that MSNBC reporting that Romney campaign is radio silent for nearly an hour.

7:36PM: Keep in mind that no close race has gone against Obama so far. Not looking good for Romney.

7:31PM: The Senate will stay Democratic. McCaskill (MO), Warren (MA), Donnelly (IN), Murphy (CT)  all winners. Looks good for Baldwin to hold WI for Dems.  Also: Joe Lieberman is history.

7:22 PM: So far, everything is as expected. Ohio not called, people still voting in Florida and Virginia. North Carolina too close too call. The Obama folks are confident, but we still wait.

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