Posted by: mutantpoodle | November 7, 2012


Barack Obama is both President and President-elect. The Senate is still Democratic (and, most likely, more Democratic than this term – not just because there are better Democrats – hello, Elizabeth Warren! – but because I think Heitkamp is going to pull it out in North Dakota. Who knew?)

The video above is some fun I missed because I wasn’t watching Fox News, wherein Karl Rove starts scribbling furiously that Ohio isn’t done, and  it’s not over until I SAY IT’S OVER, dammit.

Dick Morris has penned a piece called “Why I was Wrong.” Shorter version: I ignored all the available data when I made my projections. Dean Chambers at unskewed polls hasn’t posted anything since he made his final prediction of a Romney victory.

Peggy Noonan hasn’t hit twitter since she posted this on Monday:

Best response? TBogg, with “Amazing. I can actually smell the vodka on this tweet.”

And Donald Trump briefly suggested an insurrection, although he deleted the “revolution” tweet shown at the link.

But besides the delicious schadenfreude omelette I am having this morning, there is this:

Barack Obama is still President.

Health Care Reform will be fully implemented.

Whatever Supreme Court nominations are made in the next four years will will not be Scalia clones.

We’ll have a grownup handling foreign policy (and not one who would call Bibi for advice when he was confused).

And we have a significant counterweight to the House GOP crazies.

More on all that later. But for now, enjoy a good morning.

[NOTE: Updated video as prior version scrubbed by youtube.]


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