Posted by: mutantpoodle | December 31, 2012

Looking Back

[Earworm of the year by Owl City with Carly Rae Jepson.]

Vagabond Scholar has taken over for the late Jon Swift’s annual year-end blogger round-up, which presents the best posts of the year, selected by bloggers themselves. Yours truly submitted, but you’ll have to go to Vagabond Scholar’s site to see which one. While you’re there, check out some other small blogs.

I spent a fair amount of time picking the one post I’d submit – not because I think I have so many phenomenal posts, but because it’s hard to put the year into perspective without having actually hopped out into 2013. And I did resist the temptation to select the post where I picked Obama to win the election, way back in February.

Unlike Vagabond Scholar, I have no constraints, so below is my  ten baker’s dozen best Mutant Poodle posts of 2012.

So much for that doom and gloom…

Where I actually make my election call.

It’s a trap!

Reflections on Mitt Romney’s core beliefs.

Profiles in cowardice

The shame of the GOP’s inability to call Rush Limbaugh out for his vile Sandra Fluke slander.

They are good at this stuff…

Musings on the Obama propaganda shop.

Or maybe he’s just, you know, a liar…

Taking exception to lame justifications for Mitt Romney’s casual relationship with the truth.

Mitt is not Nixon – at least on this count.

Why Mitt Romney’s social awkwardness is in no way comparable to Richard Nixon’s.

The Pain from Bain comes ‘cuz you can’t explain

Pretty much what the title indicates.

Dear Media…

A plea to those who spill ink and e-ink by the barrel and megapixel to stop referring to Paul Ryan as a deficit hawk.

The Steel Anniversary

More reflections on 9/11, eleven years on.

The perils of privilege

The weaknesses that accrue to the wealthy and pampered.


Pushback on Howard Fineman’s complaint that Barack Obama hasn’t been aggressively challenged by either Mitt Romney or the press on a series of promises and comments that Obama may or may not have made.

Further Reflections

Basking in the post-election glow, and a little schadenfruede.

The Village is tired of sore losers

The shocking development that even Washington insiders were getting tired of Mitt Romney’s excuses.

I write mostly about politics, and these all focus on that subject, or its adjunct, the media. And I don’t know if any of these qualify as great insights. But if I wrote them, I felt the need to write them rather than pound the walls of my house and scream incoherently.

More ranting will come, I’m sure, in 2013.  Have a happy new year, and peace.

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