Posted by: mutantpoodle | December 17, 2007

Say it ain’t so…oh, never mind

kiss1I don’t know why anyone would be surprised that Rape Gurney Joe Lieberman has endorsed John McCain for President. Lieberman has spent the last 15 months seething at the Democratic party, largely because most of their members had the audacity to recognize the results of a legitimate party primary in which Lieberman was defeated by Ned Lamont. Lieberman has been sticking shivs in the party’s side since then, and this act is his last, Zell Miller-like gasp at relevance.

Why would anyone care?

I have always been suspicious of the power of endorsements. Endorsements matter if they lead to (a) money, (b) increased awareness or (c) organizational help. Or if it’s for an office that one otherwise knows nothing about. But people tend to pay some attention to the Presidential race – I don’t see that coming into play.

Somehow, I don’t think that a letter from Joe Lieberman is going to get Republicans to open their wallets to the barely-on-life-support McCain campaign or make anyone aware that he was running who didn’t know it already. As for organizational help (or even independent appeal), how does Mr. 3-way tie for third in New Hampshire four years ago help you out?

Lieberman is a venal, petty man, ruled by fear and anger. He reminds me of the high school boy who, after being dumped, gets his ex’s attention by calling her a slut. Increasingly out of touch with the voters who re-elected him last November, he survives on the love of those in the beltway who think he’s a maverick (rather than, in my view, another word that ends in “rick”) and stays relevant by bashing the party to which he once claimed loyalty. Anyone care to guess the outcome if Connecticut had a mechanism to recall its Senators?

In 12 1/2 months, when the Democrats are 5-6 seats richer in the Senate, I certainly hope Holy Joe is banished from the party caucus, stripped of his Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairmanship, and encouraged to spend all his quality time with John McCain and his buddies – the ones who think waterboarding is just like the backstroke and climate change is a crackpot theory foisted upon us by the same “scientists” who think the planet is more than 6,000 years old, not to mention that “his kind” killed Jesus and are all going to hell.

It’s not wise to mess with Karma.

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