Posted by: mutantpoodle | March 7, 2012

By certain metrics…

If you were a major consulting company – say, for example, Bain & Company* – and someone came to you and told you that while you were leading your major competitors in sales by from 50% – 75%, but that you were spending nearly 4 times as much money marketing your product as your competitors, would you tell them that:

a) they clearly have an inefficient marketing strategy, or

b) their product must be inferior if their significant marketing spend isn’t crushing the competition.

If you were Mitt Romney, which would you rather hear?

Also, extra credit for consulting nerds: Would you call Mitt Romney a cash cow, a dog, or a question mark? Show your work.

*Yes, I know Mitt founded Bain Capital. But he started at Bain & Company, and Bain Capital was simply Bain and Company with skin in the game.


  1. C) you have the wrong product: you’re selling ginger ale, but everyone wants coke.

    • But Romney’s ALWAYS been coke. Rumors that he’s ever been ginger ale are scurrilous.

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